How to Set Up Email on Your Kindle Fire HDX

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emailscreenshot1 640x400Because we all know we can't go for long without checking our email, one of the first steps in setting up a new tablet is adding your email accounts. The high quality screen the Kindle Fire HDX can be a helpful productivity tool once you accomplish this step. Luckily setting up your email on an HDX is simple, if you know the steps to follow. 

1. Locate and tap on the email app on your Kindle Fire HDX home screen.

2. Type in your email address.

3. Type your account's password. 

emailscreenshot2 640x400

 4. If your email provider requires two-step authentication, add whatever secondary password your email requires. If you don’t have two step authentication then skip this step.

emailscreenshot3 640x400

Once you have completed these steps you will see your email inbox where you will be able to read, delete, archive and compose emails from your own email account.

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Setting up a second account is just as simple.

1. From your email inbox tab the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner to bring up the main menu.

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2. Scroll down to settings and tap it.

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3. Tap Add Account and begin the email setup process from above. Once this is complete you will be able to manage and send emails from multiple accounts.

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