Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 Could Get a 5G Variation

Samsung is already selling 5G smartphones, but it’s now looking to bring the ultra-fast connection to tablets for the first time.

A new Samsung tablet with a 5G connection has surfaced on the Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG, two organizations that need to approve devices before they can be released to the public. According to the listings, which were earlier discovered by GalaxyClub, Samsung published the Galaxy Tab S6 5G to the services in July and September. They carry the model numbers SM-T865N and SM-T866N.

Samsung has been bringing 5G to the smartphone space with help from its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. While 5G isn’t yet ubiquitous, in areas where it is available, it’s delivering ultra-fast speeds that are often times faster than broadband in the home. Many industry watchers believe 5G is the future of connectivity.

In our Galaxy Tab S6 review, we found Samsung's slate to be an excellent laptop alternative with fast performance, a great optional keyboard and handy S Pen features. A 5G variation could make this compelling tablet even more enticing.

But alas, the leak doesn’t tell us much about Samsung’s future plans for the tablet. Considering the leak lists a product name and model number, there’s a good chance that the device is real. But we don’t know what it’ll look like, the features it might have, and perhaps most importantly, when it could launch.

That said, these kinds of leaks typically happen around the time of a product launch. So, while we don’t know for sure when the 5G tablet might hit store shelves, there’s a good chance, now that we know it exists and it’s gone through approvals, that it could be hitting store shelves soon.