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Rumor: Sprint to Carry iPhone 5 and 4S, Hints at Upcoming Release Date

Hot off the heels of the Case-Mate photo leak that revealed the iPhone 5's new design, Sprint is jumping the gun with hints about the Apple smartphone's release date. Beatweek Magazine reports that a leaked memo to Best Buy indicates that Sprint will be carrying the iPhone 5—but the announcement didn't stop there.

According to Beatweek, Sprint execs also hinted that the iPhone 4S will find a place in the carrier's line-up. Rumors have consistently pegged the iPhone 4S as a lower-cost update to the current iPhone 4. What's more, 9to5mac has word that Apple and Sprint have just completed work on an iPad compatible with the carrier's network. Could Apple have been holding off the iPhone 5 release till Sprint was fully equipped with its smartphone and tablet arsenal?

While none of this news clashes with what we've been hearing for months, the fact that Sprint is being less than tight-lipped about its iPhone plans suggests that the release date is just around the corner. As Beatweek theorizes, why else would Sprint let the cat out of the bag, especially when it knows that customers will want to hold out to buy the upcoming device? Still, any news about the iPhone 5's release date still requires an asterisk until it's officially confirmed, but we're betting an Apple announcement is in the cards for the next few weeks.

via Beatweek Magazine, 9to5mac