Rumor: Could Apple Launch 2 Higher-End iPads in January?

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Apple rumored to release 2 new iPads in January

It's already been rumored that Apple might release a 7.85-inch version of the iPad along with an iPad 3 in 2012. DigiTimes is putting a date on those claims, reporting that the company will unveil the two models at iWorld (part of Macworld) on January 26th.

Though DigiTimes was the first to report on the rumored 7.85-inch iPad, the site now says that both new models will maintain the 9.7-inch display of the current iPad 2. However, sources say the upcoming models will sport a QXGA resolution (1,536 x 2,048 pixels). While the iPad 2 would remain Apple's "price-sensitive" tablet option, these two new tablets would be priced to compete in the "mid-range and high-end segments," according to the sources.

Attention-grabbing as this headline may be, it's unlikely that Apple will launch its new iPad(s) next month at Macworld. For one thing, Apple hasn't participated in the event since 2008, and there's no indication that it's planning a return to the fold. Plus, previous reports on iPad 3 display shipments have pin-pointed the next-gen tablet's release for February, not January. Let the iPad news mill churn on...

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  • asdf Says:

    I agree!!!

  • Huntaarr Says:

    why do you people suck so much on the Apple *****?

    Apple wont release a 7 inch tablet and apple doesnt release low-end or mid-end products

    all they do is release hardware that has been accessible to other companies from months prior to them, claim its a total new innovation (just like they did with iOS5 EVERY SINGLE feature it has was already accessible to Android and Windows Phone owners for YEARS before) and market it as if it was new to the world because the only thing they DO have right is there damn marketing division,

    Apple is a bogus company selling there products for 2 as much as they are really worth and the mean time leaving the consumer LOCKED, YOU cant upgrade our own product you have to dish out some 2 thousand dollars to replace your outdated model, when in reality all you could have needed was a new Video Card, and dont give me the "Your poor, were rich bullshit" Its about a product's versatility and ability to give you more bang for your buck,

    How is something that you cant even upgrade on your own and fix it yourself if you have the money and knowledge SUPPOSED TO BE A BETTER PRODUCT, do you like to have a car were you cant change anything in it? do you like to have a house you cant remodel? because thats what you get when you buy from Apple you get what THEY want not what you need.

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