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Road Warriors Rejoice: AOC Introduces 16-inch USB-Powered Display

If you're anything like us, your computer's desktop is awash with open Word documents, PDFs, e-mails, and at least 30 to 40 web pages. And while having a dual screen setup helps eliminate the clutter, it's not always a viable option if you're working on your notebook from the road. That's where AOC's new 16-inch portable e1649fwu LED USB monitor comes in. By sucking up juice from and running data through a single USB port, the $139 AOC monitor can help give your cramped desktop a bit more space.

Set to go on sale in October, the monitor offers a 5 million : 1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5 milisecond response time, and a 1366 x 768 resolution. A built-in Smart Stand pivots out when needed and stores flush against the monitor when not in use. No word on the size or weight of the monitor, but we hope it weighs less than the 4.2-pound, 15-inch Field Monitor Pro we reviewed earlier this year. 

You're not limited to using one USB monitor at a time either. In fact, the only thing stopping you from setting up a fortress of portable monitors is the number of available USB ports your notebook has. Well, that and the amount of money you have to throw around.

AOC's monitor joins the growing ranks of portable USB-powered displays that have begun to creep into the market, including Lenovo's recently announced 14-inch ThinkVision LT1421. And while they are a nice addition to any road warrior's tech arsenal, it will be interesting to see how many users actually poney up the cash for these new devices.