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Report: FreedomPop to Offer Free Wi-Fi Hotspot via an iPhone Case

You may have heard wispy rumors about FreedomPop, Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom's new WiMax project. Whether you have or you haven't, we're happy to report some more substantial news than that the service simply exists. According to Electronista, FreedomPop will be bringing "free" wireless to the masses via a hotspot embedded in an iPhone 4/4S case.

Of course, FreedomPop's alleged business model isn't 100-percent free. It looks like the hotspot/iPhone case will require a refundable $100 up front, and each user will be allotted just 1GB of date before overage charges kick in. The service is said to run on ClearWire's 4G network. (If so, users on either coast can expect the best coverage.)

FreedomPop will be a so-called "freemium" service, meaning that while most users will stick to the allotted data plan, there will be a paid subscription service as well. Check back for more info, and in the meantime keep your fingers crossed that the FreedomPop folks have a good smartphone case designer on staff.

via Electronista