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Report: HTC One Headed to Verizon Wireless

When HTC announced its latest superphone, the HTC One, last month, the absence of Verizon Wireless as a carrier partner was seen as a possible stumbling point to making the One a true halo phone for the handset maker. But it looks like those concerns may have been overblown as AllThingsD is reporting that the HTC One will, in fact, be made available for Verizon, albeit a bit later than the other three carriers.

According to the report, a source familiar with the matter has confirmed that Verizon will offer the One to customers, but because it's still undergoing testing, it won't be available until about two months after it goes on sale for the other three carriers, whenever that happens.

HTC is looking at the One as a possible savior for the company, which has seen significant sales declines, losing market share to the likes of Samsung. In fact, a delay for HTC could spell trouble for sales of the One, which will also have to contend with Samsung's highly-anticipated Galaxy S IV. 

If AllThingsD's source is accurate, the One would become the first halo phone HTC has released for each of the Big Four carriers, something it wasn't able to do with its previous One series.

We'll keep our ears to the ground for any announcements regarding the HTC One. So stay tuned. 

via: AllThingsD