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Pelican ProGear Unveils Strong Yet Stylish iPhone Cases

Pelican ProGear has long been known for its rough and rugged laptop and tablet cases, as well as its new line of crush-proof backpaks, but now the company is entering new territory with iPhone cases, unveiled here at CES 2013. Pelican's main segment is the military, fire, police and industrial industries, so this entry into consumer iPhone accessories brings the high quality demanded by these fields to the average iPhone owner.

Pelican ProGear's Vault series already has cases for the iPad and Galaxy S, and now it's time for the iPhone 5 to get the same treatment. The case is comprised of three separate components all fixed together using four hex screws, meaning this case won't come apart on its own. The case is surprisingly slim and light, made from both aluminum and polymer materials. Although this case doesn't add too much extra thickness, you'll gain some extra height and width. Pelican has also rethought the mute switch, replacing it with a small dial. We didn't get a chance to try the dial, as the case was on a test phone that didn't have a working mute switch.

The second new iPhone case is the Pelican ProGear Protector, an addition to the Protector Series. This case has more of a sleek, modern design with rounded edges and friendly colors like orange, red and blue in addition to the traditional black and white. There's an elastomeric copolymer interior to absorb impact if you accidentally drop your phone, and a smooth plastic design rather than the aluminum of the Vault case. Also, unlike the Vault, this case snaps together, allowing users to take it off and put it on without the use of additional tools.

Both cases will be available in June on the Pelican ProGear website. The Protector will cost $30 and the Vault $80.