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Obvious Apple Rumor of the Day: LTE-Enabled iPad and iPhone to Launch in 2012

Here's an Apple rumor that's so obvious it might as well be a fact: According to Japanese news organization Nikkei Business, Apple will release 4G LTE versions of its mobile products in the coming year.

Nikkei Business says that an LTE-enabled iPad 3 should hit shelves in summer of 2012, while a 4G iPhone 5 will launch later in the fall. The source also reports that Tim Cook and other Apple execs met with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo this November, which indicates that some sort of network-related details were being ironed out.

Given Apple's product cycle, it's hardly a stretch to say an iPad 3 will launch in 2012—and since the iPhone 4S launched this fall, it's likely that the next Apple smartphone will launch a year later. And that the devices will be LTE-enabled is equally uncontroversial; given how late Apple already is to the table with 4G, it's a safe bet to assume that the company will make the network upgrade with its next round of product launches.

via BGR, Nikkei Business