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New Swype Android Keyboard Brings Multi-Device Syncing, Gangnam Style

One of the best replacement Android keyboards money can't buy (it's free) just got even better. This morning, Nuance released an update for its Swype keyboard that lets you sync your personal dictionary between multiple devices, adds plenty of more customization options and adds "Hotwords" to its vocabulary. Yes, "Gangnam Style" is included.

The most notable addition is Swype's newfangled ability to back up and sync your personal dictionary between various Android gadgets, from smartphones to tablets. Swype learns the nuances of your communications the more you use it, and now, if you add a new word to Swype on your phone, it will automatically be added to the Swype keyboard on your tablet and other Android devices as well, making the keyboard's mind-reading next word prediction abilities all the more awesome (and slightly more creepy).

Nuance has also stepped Swype's customization options up a notch, introducing a small, moveable keyboard and a split keyboard to its tablet keyboard options. All Swype users will find 10 new keyboard theme options in the settings menu, while the Japanese and Chinese keyboards specifically saw some additional tweaks.

Swype's latest build also adds the ability to opt-in to "Hotwords" updates, which adds trending terms -- like "Gangnam Style" and "Felix Baumgartner" -- to your keyboard's dictionary.

Of course, Swype still features the unique finger-dragging typing style that gives the keyboard its name, along with full support for henpecking typists, international handwriting recognition, and a speech-to-text engine powered by the technology behind Nuance's powerful Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Want to give the new features a whirl? Register at the Swype website and Nuance will send you a free download link pointing towards the Swype beta installer.