Two New iPads Coming in March (Report)

The notoriously secretive Apple doesn't discuss plans for the future. But in order to get products to store shelves, it needs regulator approval. And sometimes, those regulators leak the news.

The folks over at French blog Consomac discovered Apple product filings this week that received approval from the Eurasian Economic Commission on two devices codenamed A1954 and A1893, according to BGR. The filings say that the devices, which haven't yet been made public, are "tablet computers." Considering Apple needs regulator approval to bring new devices to the market, it's now believed that the products in question are two new iPads the company has planned.

Several reports of late have suggested that Apple is working on new iPads that it could announce in March. Those reports say that the iPad could come with streamlined designs and thinner bezels, similar to that of the iPhone X. Additionally, Apple could be planning to deliver the same Face ID functionality you'd find in the iPhone X in its new line of tablets.

What's unclear from the filings, however, is whether those are the tablets Apple will soon release or whether they're upgrades of previous models. Codenames alone aren't enough to derive much understanding about Apple's plans.

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Apple's approvals suggest the company could be holding a special press event in the near future. As BGR points out, similar approvals from the commission came down on the AirPod and iPhone 7 just two weeks before a press event detailing those devices was held. Apple had a similar timeline with the MacBooks the company unveiled last year.

Previous reports have said that Apple would be holding its first press event of the year in March. And iPads were expected to make a showing at that event. Given the timing on the latest approvals for those unnamed "tablet computers," a March launch is looking increasingly likely.