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iPad with Face ID May Come in 2018

Apple's next iPad will see a complete redesign, according to a report from Bloomberg, that will make it look and feel more like an iPhone X, including slim bezels and Face ID. At least one model with these features is expected in 2018.

Anonymous sources told Bloomberg that it's unlikely the new iPad will feature an OLED display, which the iPhone finally adopted with the launch of the iPhone X, which may be due to technical and monetary constraints from its lead supplier, Samsung (yes, that Samsung), as well as other leaders like LG and Sharp.

A 10.5-inch model will likely include Face ID so you can unlock the device, authenticate Apple Pay and, of course, send Animoji. Of course, that means that the new iPad also won't have a home button or Touch ID fingerprint reader. Removing that button, though, can drastically reduce the size of the iPad, even while maintaining the same 10.5-inch screen size. There's no word as to whether Apple will introduce iPads with these features in other sizes. The revised iPad will also likely include a new, faster CPU, as well as an updated Apple Pencil stylus. 

 The iPad was last updated in June with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, though it also introduced a new regular iPad at just $329 for budget buyers earlier this year.

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