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Getting 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro? Expect Less Battery

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar costs $300 more than the model without and also comes with a more powerful CPU and more ports. But you do lose one thing: about an hour of battery life.

On the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which continuously browses the web over Wi-Fi, the Touch Bar model lasted 8 hours and 46 minutes while the version with function keys lasted 9:50.

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Besides powering the more powerful processor and Touch Bar, the more expensive model has a slight hindrance in a smaller battery. The traditional function row configuration carries a 54.5 watt-hour battery, but the version with the Touch Bar wields a 49.2 watt-hour battery, so it literally has to do more with less.

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We appreciated how small Apple managed to make every model, though the lack of choice in ports and the removal of the SD card slot means we'll be carrying lots of dongles around for a while. 

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