Here's What the New MacBook Pro's AMD Graphics Can Do

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Apple's all-new MacBook Pro is here, and it's a doozy. But aside from touting a stunningly slim new design and an innovative Touch Bar, the latest MacBook is shaping up to be much more of a graphics powerhouse than its already beefy predecessors. 


Apple's new high-end notebook features a choice of AMD Radeon Pro 450, 455 or 460 graphics, all of which are looking like the chipmaker's fastest GPUs yet. The new graphics chips are built on AMD's 14nm FinFET process, which essentially allows the company to cram lots of GPU power into a machine as thin as the new MacBook Pro. 

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The Radeon Pro 450 and 455 tout a peak performance of up to 1 and 1.3 teraflops, respectively, while the high-end 460 maxes out at 1.86 teraflops. That means that the new 15-inch MacBook Pros are significantly more powerful than the 13-inch, Iris Graphics-based models (up to 845 gigaflops), and almost as powerful as the D300 FirePro GPU found on Apple's Mac Pro desktop (2 teraflops per GPU).

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This improved graphical power complements a new MacBook Pro that's almost completely redesigned. The new notebook gets as slim as 14.9mm for the 13-inch model, and weighs as little as 3 pounds. But the real selling point is the Touch Bar: an interactive strip above the keyboard that lets you do things such as access app shortcuts, quickly flip between browser tabs or simply find the perfect emoji to send to a friend.

The MacBook Pro's specs are certainly promising, and we look forward to putting the notebook through our usual graphics benchmarks to see how it stacks up to the competition. Stay tuned. 

Source: AppleInsider

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  • Aaron Says:

    Heres a tl;dr for how it will perform, it's going to perform worse, and you could probably buy a laptop with a Nvidia 950m for much less and have better performance, and really if it's 3000$, then you could easily get a gtx 1080 1070 1060 980m 970m or 960m, so really they are going to get bombed in performance because AMD doesn't make good mobile gpu's.

  • JeffS Says:

    Comparing the new MacBook graphics versus the old MacBook is only part of the story, especially since these haven't been refreshed in a long time which inflates the performance increase. What I would be more interested in is how these Radeon Pro chips compare to Nvidia chips used in Windows machines. Where does it rank against 960/970/980/1060/1070/1080? For the price of these new MacBooks, I want to see an honest comparison of performance against a Windows counterpart machine.

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