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Lenspen's SideKick Leaves iPad 2 Fingerprint-Free

While our focus at IFA has certainly been big-name releases, there are plenty of accessories on show here that improve the devices you already may own. The iPad 2, in particular, has plenty of companion products on the floor this year. One of our favorites is the SideKick cleaning pad from Lenspen. This nifty devices tackles that ubiquitous menace: fingerprints.

The $19.95 Sidekick for the iPad sports a twist-out cleaning pad that goes to work on any gunk on your iPad's display. Lenspen showed off this accessory's might on an iPad 2, and it certainly made a difference.

Each cleaning pad is rated to last for 100-150 cleanings, after which replacement pads can be purchased ($14.95 for two). Check out a before-and-after comparison below. (Can you guess which half of the iPad 2 has been Sidekicked?)