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Flex On: Lenovo's Convertible Notebooks Get a Refresh in Size and Versatility

Lenovo's Yoga 3 and Flex 3 notebooks are loved for their power, style and flexibility. At CES 2015, Lenovo continues to expand on these lines, introducing new sizes and subtle design changes that only add to the appeal of both notebook families.

Lenovo introduced the Yoga 3 tablet in new 11-inch and 14-inch sizes, both of which feature the classic yoga versatility. Thanks to its improved hinge design, you can even more easily warp the Yoga 3 to fit your needs: work in regular laptop mode, flex in tent or stand mode to watch video even better and flip the device a full 360 degrees to tablet mode to make full use of its touchscreen.

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In addition to the improved hinge, the Yoga 3 models now have an entirely fanless design, making them quieter than ever. Also, Lenovo changed the keyboard deck’s construction to make it more comfortable so you can work for hours on end. When we saw the new notebooks in person at CES 2015, they felt sleek and light in our hands (the 11-inch model weighs just 2.6 pounds), the touchscreen was responsive and gorgeous to look at and switching in between the Yoga modes was seamless.

In terms of specs, the new Yogas are standard: they’re powered by Intel’s 5th Generation Core processor with Intel HD graphics and next gen NVIDIA graphics, and they feature an IPS touchscreen display. Borrowing from the Yoga 3 Pro, the new Yoga 3 notebooks will have the convenient USB power adaptor, which gives you an extra USB port to use when the device is disconnected from its power source.

Lenovo is doing all it can to make convertible notebooks available to anyone, and that’s where the Flex line comes in. Flex notebooks are the more affordable Yoga notebooks; however, in the past they have lacked the full physical flexibility that the Yogas have. With the new 11-inch and 14-inch Flex notebooks, that problem is solved: Lenovo refreshed the Flex to flip a full 360 degrees, letting you use the notebook in all four of its signature modes. While they are not as slim as the Yogas, the Flex notebooks definitely feel more complete with the expanded range of motion in the hinge.

Both of the new Yoga and Flex notebooks come with a nifty program called Yoga Harmony, which shows you the amount of time you spend in all of your apps, and can suggest different apps you may enjoy. Harmony can also sense which mode you’re in and can tell you how often other Yoga and Flex users spend in your preferred mode.

We’re excited to get a few of the new Lenovo Yoga and Flex notebooks to review fully. The Yoga 3 11-inch will cost $799 and the 14-inch will cost $979, and both will be available starting in March. The new Flex models will start at $399 and will be available starting in May.