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Lenovo Posts Video Of ThinkPad X, 13-inch Ultraportable Due May 17th

If you've been missing the super-slim ThinkPad X301 that Lenovo discontinued last fall, take heart, because there's a replacement on the way. Today, Lenovo released an online video to promote the long-rumored, but previously unconfirmed. 13-inch, ultraportable ThinkPad X1 notebook. Due to arrive May 17th, the Thinkpad X1 is shown on video with a backlit, spill-resistant keyboard, a 13.3-inch durable Gorilla Glass screen, and "Military-Grade" drop resistance.

On a side note, this has to be one of the corniest promo videos we've seen for a tech product. The video shows a fictional couple -- Steven and Jen -- who keep fighting because Jen wants to see what Steven is doing with his ThinkPad. In intruding into Steven's work, Jen splashes water on the keyboard, scratches the screen with her giant nails, and drops the notebook on the floor. Of course, we find out later that Steven is simply shopping for an engagement ring, but we have to wonder whether couples therapy or a less high-maintenance girlfriend would protect his laptop better than a rollcage ever could.

We're still waiting for more details on the ThinkPad X1 from Lenovo, but until then, check out the video below and see the X1 for yourself.