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Lenovo K800: Hands On with the World's First Intel Medfield Smartphone

LAS VEGAS -- Just hours after Intel announced the coming of its first Intel Atom-based smartphone, it appeared here at CES 2012. The Android 4.0 device was sitting pretty at a press event with handlers from Lenovo China. Though we spent just a few minutes with the handset, we were impressed with its snappy performance.

The K800 is powered by Intel's 32nm Atom Z2460 processor, which runs at 1.6 GHz. During our brief hands on, animations when navigating from the home screen to the app drawer were seamless. When playing back video on the 4.5-inch 720p screen, we could easily skim through a clip without missing a beat.

As far as the exterior goes, a colleague described the phone's back as having a "soft, faux wood" texture, both soft and comfortingly smooth. In hand, the Lenovo phone felt noticably light, as though there was empty space inside the jet black chassis. Still, the K800 was easy to hold and navigate in one hand. Too bad this is a China-only device. 

Get to know the K800 yourself in our hands-on video and image gallery below.