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Readers Choose iPhone 5 Over Galaxy S4 in Camera Shootout

The power to choose a winner was in your hands, and thousands of readers cast their votes in our iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 Camera Shootout. Based on your feedback on the photos we took with both smartphones under the same conditions, the majority prefers the iPhone 5. Apple's device garnered 61 percent of the vote, versus 39 percent for the Galaxy S4.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S4 features a higher resolution 13-megapixel camera while the iPhone 5 uses an 8-MP sensor. As it turns out, megapixels aren't everything. In many cases readers decided that the iPhone 5's images were superior, which tended to offer warmer colors and finer details. Some of the Galaxy S4's shots looked slightly washed out.

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The Galaxy S4 did come out ahead in some photos, such as an indoor shot we took of some objects and an image of a flower pot in which the sun was slightly off to the left.

Overall, though, the iPhone 5 came out on top. And this was a contest where we did not reveal which phone took which photo until the votes had been counted. Do you believe the better smartphone camera won? For a recap, check out the voting results and our images below.

Photo Set 1: Fountain

 [polldaddy poll="7094746"]

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Photo Set 2: Rooftop Group Shot 

 [polldaddy poll="7094792"]

Photo Set 3: Flowers

 [polldaddy poll="7094805"]

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Photo Set 4: Grover and Friends

[polldaddy poll="7094816"]

Photo Set 5: Bryant Park 

 [polldaddy poll="7094826"]

Photo Set 6: Mailbox 

 [polldaddy poll="7094839"]

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Photos Set 7: Indoors Low Light

 [polldaddy poll="7094844"]

Photos Set 8: Indoors Flash 

 [polldaddy poll="7094847"]

Photo Set 9: Motorcycle

 [polldaddy poll="7094896"] 

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Photo Set 10: Potted Plant

 [polldaddy poll="7094907"]

Photo Set 11: Flags

 [polldaddy poll="7094941"]