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Swipe and Sniff: Scented App Makes iPhone Smell Like Popcorn

We can't believe its not butter. In an attempt to innovate the iPhone game space, Pop Secret has released a free iPhone game titled Poptopia, which releases the buttery scent of freshly-popped kernels via the Pop Dongle accessory. We went hands-on with both the app and add-on, trying to avoid greasy hands in the process.

Poptopia, available for free on the App Store, is a Fruit Ninja-esque reflex game in which players must tap a series of floating popcorn kernels as soon as they begin glowing. Each kernel you pop enters a disembodied pair of lips called the Almighty Mouth, which will smile and spawn rainbows if you play well but becomes sad and eventually menacingly angry if you're too much of a butterfinger and miss your kernels.

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There are plenty of iPhone games out there that play like Poptopia, but none that smell like it. Once the plastic, popcorn-shaped Pop Dongle is attached to your iPhone's headphone jack and enabled within the game, the dongle rewards your popping skills with blasts of a buttery aroma every time you swipe a slab of butter on-screen. The accessory also amplifies the game audio with a built-in speaker.

Each pop dongle contains about 1,000 sprays of popcorn-scented oil, which are triggered by an 18khz audio signal every time a player gets a butter bonus. We're not sure who would want the smell (and grease) of popcorn to accompany their daily iPhone gaming sessions, but the Pop Dongle is an impressive sensory concept that could be explored more in future mobile titles.

Pop Secret is only offering a handful of Pop Dongles to start, as the add-on is already going for over $300 on eBay. If you're a popcorn enthusiast lucky enough to nab one, just remember: Don't eat the butter.