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Alleged iPhone 6 Screen Shrugs off Stabbing

The iPhone 6's front panel has purportedly been caught in the wild, and, boy, can it take a beating. YouTuber Marques Brownlee has gotten his hands on what appears to be the smartphone's 4.7-inch sapphire display, and put it through a variety of scratch and bend tests with positive results. 

Brownlee starts his test by scratching the display with a set of keys, which fail to produce any noticeable scratch marks on the screen. He then takes a knife and, quite literally, stabs the panel multiple times, which once again causes no scratches or shattering. The display also endures a variety of bend tests in the video, even when the user holds the screen in place with his foot and tries to crack it by pulling up.

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While the display being shown in the video touts some truly impressive resilience, there's still no confirmation that this is the actual front panel we'll see on Apple's next iPhone. However, the iPhone 6 has been rumored to pack a sapphire screen for some time now, and, according to Brownlee, the leaked part comes by way of reliable Apple tipster Sonny Dickson. 

Aesthetically, this alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 6 panel looks like a bigger version of the iPhone 5s bezel, complete with the same Touch ID-enabled home button found on last year's model. The highly anticipated smartphone is expected to arrive this September, with rumored features like NFC technology, a speedy A8 processor and an enhanced camera to go along with the sharper, tougher screen.