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A Curved iPhone 6? Here's What It Could Look Like

By now many have heard rumors that the iPhone 6 will sport a strong sapphire crystal screen, but could it be curved, too? In a new concept video, a device that looks very much like what could be Apple's next flagship features a larger 4.5-inch display that's curved towards the edges.

Such a design may allow Apple to more easily squeeze a bigger LCD into a space with little to no bezel around it. Designed by artist Arthur Reis, an iPhone 6 like this could also be easier and more comfortable to operate with one hand.

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Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Round, the first smartphone with a curved screen, the panel on this Apple concept curves downward instead of upward. Samsung also delivered features on the Round meant to take advantage of its unique panel. For example, when the display is off with the music player is running, a short press on the left plays the previous track and pressing right plays the next one. 

For whatever reason, Samsung's Round never got picked up by a U.S. carrier, but the more ambitious LG G Flex did. That smartphone has a flexible 6-inch screen that literally bends when you press the back of the device. The curve to the design is actually quite prominent, which makes handling the Flex less unwieldy than other phablets. However, LG traded off a lower-resolution screen for this flexibility.

While this render of the iPhone 6 looks fairly realistic, other rumors point to an even larger 4.7-inch display, as well as a second model with an even bigger 5.5-inch LCD. Apple's sequel is also expected to boast a speedier quad-core A8 chip, an enhanced 10-MP camera and a focus on fitness via a new Healthbook app. 

via TechCrunch