iPhone 5s Owners Are the Most Data-Hungry Smartphone Users, Study Says

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It looks like iPhone 5s users are the most data-hungry smartphone owners out there. According to a new study, iPhone 5s users consume more data than those operating on the iPhone’s biggest competitor-- the Galaxy S4-- and previous iPhone versions.

The most recent survey from JDSU aligns with the company’s findings in previous years. For the third consecutive year, iPhone owners appear to be consuming more data than those using other platforms. Specifically, iPhone 5s users are demanding 20 percent more data than iPhone 5 owners in developed markets.

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Overall, those using the iPhone 5s are also consuming more data than Galaxy S4 owners, although the Galaxy S4 ranked much higher for uplink data generation. The study describes iPhone 5s data usage as generating “unprecedented increases in uplink and downlink data demands.”

JDSU uses iPhone 3G data usage as its mid-range benchmark for developed markets when measuring consumption. The study found that iPhone 5s users are demanding 7x as much data as iPhone 3G users, while Galaxy S4 owners consumed 5x as much data as the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 5c, however, didn’t rank nearly as high during the study. Although the iPhone 5c was announced alongside the 5s, it isn’t Apple’s flagship, which is why JDSU says its owners have more modest data habits on average.

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JDSU examined the data habits of more than one million subscribers using more than 150 different devices over a single 24-hour period. The study took place in an unspecified Tier-1 European market with a mixture of urban and suburban structures. JDSU only looked at the data demands of the most popular devices, or those with at least 1,000 subscribers.

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