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Apples iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Coming to Boost Mobile Nov. 8

Apple's iPhone 5s and its more colorful sibling, the iPhone 5c, are heading to Boost Mobile next month. On sale Nov. 8, Boost says both iPhones will be eligible for use with the company's Monthly Unlimited with Shrinking Payments option. With shrinking payments, users can pay $55 per month for unlimited talk, text and data including 4G LTE were available. For every on-time payment a customer makes, Boost will lower their monthly bill. Make enough on-time payments and your bill can drop by as much as $15 per month.

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Though Boost hasn't announced pricing for the 5s or 5c, you can bet you'll pay far more up front than if you bought them on a subsidized plan. The Samsung Galaxy S III, for example, is currently selling for $399 on Boost.  The benefit to the carrier's offering is that users aren't locked into paying a monthly rate for two-years and can, in fact, choose to skip a month of usage entirely.

Offering the iPhone 5s and 5c is a boon for Boost Mobile, which until recently has sold mostly low to mid-range handsets. However, it is not the only smaller carrier to offer Apple's smartphones. Boost competitor Virgin Mobile may not offer a shrinking payment plan, but it does sell an unlimited data and messaging plan with 300 Anytime Minutes for just $35.