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Low Cost iPhone 5C May Lack Siri and Replace iPhone 4S

Credit: Martin Hajek

The iPhone 4S is only one generation behind Apple’s iPhone 5, but that model may become obsolete sooner than you think. The much talked-about low-cost iPhone 5C could replace  the iPhone 4S if Apple decides to launch such a product, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Munster, who is widely known for his Apple predictions, said in a research note to investors that it “may make sense” for Apple to discontinue the iPhone 4S in favor of the purported iPhone 5C, reports Apple Insider. The catch, however, is that Munster doesn’t believe Apple will include Siri in its less expensive iPhone, citing the lack of Apple’s voice-enabled assistant in the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as evidence. If true, this means Apple fans will be forced to purchase one of the newer, more expensive iPhones in order to use Siri. 

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His other predictions when it comes to the iPhone 5C are in line with what we’ve previously heard about the handset, including its rumored 4-inch display, plastic casing and slightly lower grade internal components. This configuration could be priced around $300, which is significantly lower than the $649-$849 price range of an unlocked iPhone 5 on Apple’s website.

In recent weeks a slew of allegedly leaked photos and videos of the iPhone 5C have appeared online, most of which depict the handset’s varying color options. The name “iPhone 5C” leaked to the Web when purported images of the device’s retail packaging appeared online sporting that name. In the past analysts have criticized Apple for the lack of diversity in its product portfolio, and a device such as the iPhone 5C could give Apple the opportunity to appeal to emerging markets.

At the same time, Apple is expected to launch a flagship successor to the iPhone 5 dubbed the iPhone 5S, which is rumored to come with a new A7 chip, a biometric fingerprint sensors and an enhanced dual flash camera with a slow motion mode among other features. The company is expected to hold an iPhone event on Sept. 10, although this has yet to be officially confirmed.

via Apple Insider