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Oops! Case-Mate Tips Off iPhone 5 Design

The iPhone 5 rumor mill can only subsist on so many word-of-mouth suggestions about release dates and slimmer profiles. Sometimes you need a plain juicy image leak to stay interested in a yet-to-be-revealed product. Thankfully, we have just that, courtesy of a short-lived page displaying iPhone 5 cases on the Case-Mate website.

According to Boy Genius Report, accessories maker Case-Mate spilled the secret in a major way, revealing the iPhone 5's new form factor on a page showing six case designs for the upcoming handset. Case-Mate realized its blunder and took down the images accordingly (see the updated page here), but not before the photos could leave their digital mark.

Based on the photos, it looks like the iPhone 5 will boast a slimmer profile than the iPhone. Rumors of a thinner and lighter design for Apple's next-gen phone have been circling for months, so this comes as no surprise. The photos all indicate that the design will sport some sleek tapered edges—and there might even be an aluminum back on this model. As the iPhone 5 is all but set to launch in October, we'll probably know much more quite soon.

via BGR