New iPad Pro Repair Pricing Is Crazy High

The new iPad Pro is great. The screen, the design, the guts… even the price is acceptable when you take into account how much punch the new models pack. At least, until you start adding optional extras.

One of those extras is a must have, though: AppleCare. If you don’t get that, you will get nailed if you break it.

Apple has just updated its service price list for the new iPads. Without AppleCare+, you will get seriously screwed if your iPad breaks in any way. Check it out:

Credit: Apple

Say you get the two-year AppleCare+ with accidental damage for $129. Your iPad will break and $45 will fix anything (two accidents maximum). Otherwise, prepare to burn $649 if you get the 12.9-inch model and $499 for the 10.5-inch tablet.

The good news: AppleCare+ covers any defect fixing for free, plus any fixes for the power adapter, the battery, and the pencil at no cost — unless the pencil breaks because of mishandling. Then you have to pay a $25 deductible to fix it.

And while you’re, don’t forget to get yourself one of those new $9 USB-C to 3.5mm adapters so you can use your old headphones on your new iPad Pro. The Apple Tax is still real.