The New iPad Pro Just Leaked (And It's Gorgeous)

While all the focus for Apple’s September 12 event is now on the iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4, there are substantial rumors of a new iPad Pro line that could debut alongside those gadgets. If it looks anything like these renders obtained by OnLeaks, it’s going to be good.

The renders show the rumored smart connector at the bottom of the iPad Pro which, in theory, could be designed to allow for using the tablet in a vertical orientation with a physical keyboard. Many iPad users, including myself, use the iPad in vertical mode, like people used vertical monitors back in the early years of desktop publishing.

But it goes beyond that. The renders show the greatly reduced edges all around the tablet — and no home button. The current iPad Pro has side edges that look as thick as the one this purported new iPad Pro shows all around its face.

The other obvious feature is the flat edge, a clear departure from the current rounded edges on the iPad and iPhone lines and more similar to the iPhone 5. It looks quite more elegant and — more importantly — could offer a much better grip than the current line.

The iPad in the leaked images also shows antennas in the style of the iPhone, which will hopefully increase the Wi-Fi and cell reception (my current iPad Pro has notably inferior reception compared to my iPhone 6 or my Mac.)

The rumor mill says that the new iPad Pro may be announced at the September 12 event, so stay tuned for our coverage for all of the official details as they emerge.