iPad Mini Rumor Roundup: 8 Things You Need to Know

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During a 2010 earnings call, Steve Jobs predicted that 7-inch tablets were going to be "dead on arrival."  Jump to 2012,  and small slates like the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 have held their own against Apple's watershed device. As it turns out, at the right price, there is a place in the market for tablets smaller than 10 inches.

Several months ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was showing select suppliers designs for a device with a 7 to 8-inch display. Since then, iPad Mini rumors have flooded the web, with many speculating on everything from the exact size to the availability date and cost. We’ve rounded up the rumors, and here is the story so far.

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  • johnny chang Says:

    I mean Apple , not Apply , sorry the typing error.

  • johnny chang Says:

    I definitely will wait the i pad mini 2 to come out , Apply shouldn't down grade the resolution , its a visual instrument and the price is not justified.

  • Legan Gray Says:

    1. maybe thinner: how thinner can you get? it will slice your fingers off when you hold it? nah thanks. most tablets have the sweet spot on thinness and ergonomics

    2. 4:3 aspect ratio: fail. A 7 incher must fit on my jean's pocket otherwise what is the point, go with a 10 inch tablet.

    3. it may be wifi only, it may have gsm and cdma? make up your mind already

    4. it will have rear camera, expect rear camera? again see #3.

    your rumors did not blow my mind.

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