iPad 2 Smart Cover Video: This is Why You Want It

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Just got an iPad 2? Treat yourself to a Smart Cover. Starting at $39, this magnetic accessory (available in multiple colors) automatically attaches to Apple's new tablet and shuts it off automatically when you close the cover. Plus, you can fold the cover into a triangle to prop up your iPad 2 for typing or showing off photos. Check out our video walkthrough as we demonstrate this seemingly simple yet brilliant add-on.

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  • Pete Says:

    A cover which makes the iPad into a laptop without the convenience of a proper keyboard. Nice one Apple!

  • Brandon Says:

    I wouldnt have my iPad 2 any other way. I don't understand it, if your gonna spend over 500 for an iPad 2 you shouldnt be so cheap as to not get the SmartCover.

  • ronin22 Says:

    This is LEATHER, not polyurethane.

    How can you not tell polyurethane from leather?

    Even if you couldn’t, the giveaway is that black only comes in leather.

    Get with it.

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