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Apple's iOS 8 Will Let Siri Identify Songs (Report)

Apple's Siri may soon be able to tell you what catchy song you've been listening to. Rumored for release with iOS 8, the new iPhone feature will reportedly integrate the popular Shazam music identification service.

Shazam has been available as a standalone smartphone app for quite some time, racking up 90 million monthly users. However, according to Bloomberg, the software will be baked into iOS 8 the same way Twitter is integrated into iOS 7. The move would help funnel more users to Apple's iTunes store and iTunes Radio.

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When Shazam recognizes a song today, it points users to a link to download it through iTunes or listen to it on Rdio or Spotify. With music download sales giving way to subscription services, it behooves Apple to keep listeners away from the competition.

Apple is also reportedly working on its own subscription music service, but Bloomberg indicates that the company has been hesitant to open it to the public because it would compete with iTunes for music sales. 

iOS 8 is set to debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June. The operating system has been the focus of much speculation, with many expecting Apple to bundle a new Healthbook fitness app that may be compatible with the company's long rumored iWatch.

via Bloomberg