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iOS 7 on iPad Looks A Lot Like iOS 7 on iPhone - Just Bigger

When Apple demoed the upcoming iOS 7 earlier this week during WWDC 2013, the company focused solely on how it would look and operate on the iPhone 5. Now we know why, thanks to new images of the operating system posted on Apple's iOS 7 Web page .

As it turns out, and as we all pretty much expected, iOS 7 on iPad and iPad mini will look and feel just as it does on the iPhone 4 through iPhone 5 -- just on a bigger canvas. Well, save for iPad 2, iPhone 4 and any iPod Touch before the fifth generation: Those models lack access to Siri. As you can see above, not much changes between iOS 7 on iPad and iPhone aside from the spacing between its divisive icons.

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What this does show, though, is a much better look at the new stock wallpaper that our eyes will be glued to this fall. That is, until we change it to a photo of our significant others and/or puppies. Apple hasn't announced when iOS 7 will launch on its iPad line, but we'd be surprised if the new interface didn't launch on iPad alongside iPhone this fall.

via Mashable