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iFixit Gives HTC One Lowest Score Ever for Repairability

Apple isn't the only company getting flack for creating products that are difficult to disassemble and repair. The new HTC One has received the lowest score ever for repairability from iFixit, earning a measly 1 out of 10 on the company's scoring scale. In the end, the HTC One was successfully torn down, but the excessive use of glue, rather than screws, helped make this device the single most difficult cellphone ever disassembled.

HTC has created the ultimate seamless product, omitting protruding volume buttons and any external screws. While iFixit was able to lift the display using heat and a suction cup, the display ribbon cables were routed underneath the case assembly, making the process of removing the glass quite complicated.

The team then spent over 30 minutes separating the rear aluminum case from the functional components from the phone. The company expressed that it may be impossible to disassemble the HTC One without warping or damaging the perimeter of the device. Mangling speakers or cables is a definite concern for users attempting the same procedure.

As technology design becomes more seamless, devices may become even more difficult to disassemble consumer devices. Manufacturers no longer want users repairing their own devices as the trend towards a completely seamless experience progresses.