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HTC Budget 'Proto' Phone Appears in Leaked Picture

HTC's One V could be getting a slightly bigger, slightly better refresh later this fall: the HTC "Proto." Rumors about the Proto -- which is a code name -- have been floating around the Web for months, but The Verge recently posted Proto photos that allegedly show the exterior casing of the phone.

Engadget points out that the casing is virtually identical to the exterior of the China-only HTC New Desire V (T328w).

On the interior, the rumored specs for the phone are more mainstream than mega. The Verge reports that the phone will have the same 800x480 resolution as the HTC One V, but the screen size itself with increase by 0.3-inch, to 4-inches exactly. Compared to the One V, the processor is getting boosted from a single core to dual-core, but it holds steady at 1GHz. The Proto's RAM, storage and camera quality also mirror the One V's specs, at 512MB, 4GB and 5 megapixels, respectively.

The HTC Proto hasn't even been officially confirmed as being in development, so there is no pricing or availability information to speak of, but the Verge's sources say that it's possible the phone could be unveiled at IFA Berlin next week.