HTC One Reportedly Coming to Verizon Before July

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HTC One verizon image

Of the Big Four U.S. carriers, Verizon is the only one that hasn't announced it will carry what is arguably the best Android phone on the market, the HTC One. That, however, may soon change, as Android Guys is reporting that an XDA Developers Forum member has spotted an HTC representative carrying a Verizon-branded version of the One.

The report follows Android Authority's story indicating that the HTC One will hit Verizon before July. Further evidence provided by @EVLeaks in the form of a Verizon terminal image also appears to indicate that the HTC One will make it to Verizon some time this summer, though Slashgear's Web page for that piece is no longer loading.

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HTC One verizon

If the HTC One does in fact land on Verizon's network, it would be a boon for both users and HTC. Verizon users thinking of leaving the carrier for another that carries the HTC One would stay put while HTC's sales would increase. HTC, meanwhile, will be able to bring its flagship smartphone, and potential savior, to the largest carrier in the U.S.

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  • DR Says:

    CJ, no this story is not a week old. There are other rumors that are a week old but this one is new. Get a life.

  • CJ Says:

    This story is over a week old with absolutely no proof. You guys should stick to reporting on laptops because your foray into the smartphone arena is fraught with danger to your reputations from reporting on rumors from forums, etc.

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