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Compact HTC One Remix Coming to Verizon for $99

The HTC One M8 is one of the best smartphones around, but at 5 inches, its display is a bit too large for some consumers. Enter the HTC One Remix. Coming to Verizon on July 24, the $99 Remix is a slightly smaller version of the M8, with a 4.5-inch display.

Like the M8, the Remix' gorgeous chassis is primarily comprised of aluminum, but unlike the M8, the Remix' rear panel gets polycarbonate banding over its antennas. Measuring 5.4 x 2.6 x 4.2 inches and weighing 4.8 ounces, the Remix is smaller and lighter than the 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.37-inch, 5.6-ounce One M8.

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Unfortunately, the Remix' size and weight aren't the only things that are smaller than on the One M8. The Remix also features a 4.5-inch, 720p resolution display, compared to the One M8's 1080p panel. The new handset also gets a less-powerful 1.2-GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, rather than the Snapdragon 801 CPU found in the M8.

Like the One M8, the HTC Remix gets a 5-megapixel front camera that's great for taking selfies with your friends, but whereas the M8 got HTC's Ultrapixel rear camera, the Remix gets a 13-MP rear shooter. That means the Remix is also missing the One M8's slick Duo Camera, which lets you change the focal point of your photos, among other things.

HTC's One M8 is already just $99 on Verizon, so the only benefit to getting the Remix is if you're absolutely uncomfortable with the M8's size. If that's not an issue for you, though, then you will want to stick with the high-powered One M8.