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HTC One Buyers Now Get Free Cracked Screen Replacement

HTC is rewarding smartphone shoppers that opt for devices in its flagship One line. Announced today, HTC Advantage offers a free one-time cracked screen replacement within six months of purchasing the phone.

The deal is valid for those who purchase an HTC One, HTC One Mini or HTC One Max in the U.S. after Feb. 18. HTC is also throwing in an extra 25GB to 50GB of Google Drive storage space and promises to deliver the latest version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat to the One in North America soon. The same update will be available for The HTC One Mini and One Max "in the coming months," HTC said.

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HTC's announcement comes about a month after Apple began offering $149 cracked screen replacements for iPhone 5c units in its store locations. If you shatter the display on your iPhone 5s or iPhone 4, however, Apple is still charging $229 to ship your phone to an off-site repair center.

Next month HTC will unveil the successor to its HTC One flagship. The event will take place in London and New York City on March 25th. The cracked screen replacement offer should apply to that device as well. The HTC One 2 (codenamed M8) will go head to head with Samsung's new Galaxy S5.