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HP CEO: We Would Entertain Licensing webOS to HTC and Other Manufacturers

In terms of design and function, webOS is more than capable of standing up to the leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.  Where HP's clever, clean, and colorful OS falls short is hardware. Google's approach is to flood the market with Android gadgets, whereas Apple focuses on a few very good gadgets. There are certainly options when it comes to WebOS mobile devices, but offering more hardware choice won't hurt the company either.

Perhaps that's why, during a public interview at the All Things D conference today, HP CEO Leo Apotheker expressed a desire to license webOS to devices from any manufacturer, not just HP.

"I happen to believe that WebOS is a uniquely outstanding operating system," Apotheker said.  "It’s not correct to believe that it should only be on HP devices." Apotheker then went on to predict that webOS would be made available in enterprise and small business products as well.

When asked whether or not HP is willing to license webOS to HTC,  Apotheker's answer affirmed his commitment to sharing the operating system.

“It is certainly something we would entertain, " he said.

Granted, that's not an official corporate endeavor, but a purchasable webOS would have an interesting effect on the  smart phone market.

via AllThingsD