How to Setup Smart Stay on Your Samsung Galaxy S III

Ever wish your phone was smart enough to not lock itself when you were reading something on it? Of course you do. Well, thanks to the Smart Stay feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S III, it is. Simply se tup the feature and the lock settings and you can then have the phone recognize when you are looking at it and not put the screen to sleep until you finally turn away. Here's how to get it working.

1. Pull down the Notification Shade and select the Settings icon at the top right.

2. Select Display under Settings.

3. Select Screen timeout.

4. Change the screen timeout to a lower setting. The smart stay feature only activates after the normal screen timeout expires. It then uses the webcam to check and see if you are looking at the screen and then restarts the timer. If you have a very high screen timeout set, it will never activate and you'll just waste battery power.

5. Check Smart stay ON.

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