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How To See Where Your Android Device Has Tracked Your Location

So you may have seen our post on how to see where your iPhone has been tracking your location and you're laughing cause you have an Android device so none of this privacy stuff relates to you. Well, you'd be wrong.

Android also tracks your location and saves it to the cache of the device. Now, this information isn't transmitted anywhere unless you opted-in when you first logged in to your Android device and said to allow Google to use your location data. However, even if you did not opt-in to tracking, it is interesting to see how much your cell phone actually knows about you.

Before You Begin

1. Your device MUST be rooted for this app to work! Head to's How To's to find out how to root your device.

Thanks to Mopodo on XDA for creating this interesting app!

Uncover the Data Cache

1. Go to the Android Market.

2. Type in the search box, Location Cache then download and install it.

3. Open the app and click view by either map or list.

For more information on why you shouldn't be scared by Android's tracking feature, check out my commentary here.

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