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Hit the Slopes With Your iPhone 5 as a Companion: Playing With the XD5

Your new iPhone 5 is now ready to be your partner in crime while mountain biking or hitting the slopes. Optrix has announced here at CES 2013 the XD5, a tough and rugged iPhone 5 case that turns your smartphone into a mountable action camera. After listening to users' feedback about the XD4 for the iPhone 4 and 4S, Optrix refined the design and functionality of this popular extreme sport camera case, making the case even more versatile.

The new XD5 is military-grade and completely waterproof, just like the older model. It's made of two different parts: There's a slim case, called the sled, for everyday use and the heavy-duty plastic outer case for when it's time to start recording. The outer housing is made from a strong polycarbonate shell, and the inner sled is rubberized to help shock absorption.There's a 175-degree wide-angle lens affixed to the outer case that works for both pictures and video. 

Unlike the XD4, the XD5's mounting system is completely removable, making the case compatible with a mount as well as great on the go. There's a touch membrane built into the front of the outer housing layer, which allows users to control their devices while still protecting the display. We were able to easily and accurately swipe and navigate through the iPhone while it was in the full shell casing.

Unfortunately, the wide-angle lens is the only lens available for the XD5. There may be a version in the future that supports a macro lens as well as telefoto lenses, but the current version only captures in 175 degrees. Fortunately, this is the most popular lens for sports camera usage.

The XD5 costs $129, slightly more than the XD4 for $99, and is currently available for preorder on Oprtix's website. Preorders are scheduled to ship at the beginning of February, and units will be hitting shelves at Apple stores in late February and Best Buy in March.