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Half of iPhone Users Will Upgrade to New Model

iPhone fever is officially in full swing, as the next generation of iPhones is expected in just a few days. And as happens every year, many current owners clamor for a new device on day one. In fact, according to, about half of iPhone owners plan on buying a iPhone 5S or 5C as soon as they hit store shelves.

A whopping 46 percent of iPhone owners on said they'll buy the new iPhone on its release date, which could be as soon as Sept. 20. It is worth noting, however, that  this may or may not be an accurate full picture of iPhone owners, but the Q&A site's study did uncover some interesting findings. For instance, not all of these users are concerned with the faster processor and improved camera of the purported iPhone 5S. A significant 60 percent of users said that they'd opt for the more affordable iPhone 5C, which has a plastic design and will come in a variety of colors. 

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Many iPhone users seem discontent with their device's battery drainage, considering 44 percent of users chose "better battery life" as their most wanted feature on the new smartphone. Coming in second among desired features was "thumbprint unlock," chosen by 34 percent of users. "New colors" was picked by 12 percent of those surveyed, while 10 percent of Ask visitors simply want a "better Siri."

As far as search data, "When will the new iPhone be released?" was the most frequent iPhone-related query. Other top searches included "What are the features of the iPhone 5S?" "Will there be a gold iPhone?" and "Will Apple discontinue old iPhone?"

This data comes from more than 4,000 responses to surveys, as well as search engine results from the site's 100 million monthly visitors between June 1 and Sept. 1. These questions will undoubtedly turn into answers when Apple reveals its new smartphone lineup on Tuesday, Sept. 10, as consumers will finally have an official glimpse at the future of the iPhone.