Griffin PowerDock 5 Charges 5 Gadgets At Once for $99

How many tablets and smartphones need recharging in your house or office right now? Griffin is betting the answer is at least four or five.Today at CES 2013, the company announced the PowerDock 5, a multi-device charging station with USB power jacks for up to five of your battery-depleted mobile gadgets.

With its all-white base and clear supports, it’s easy to assume this $99 multi-device charging station is for Apple gadgets only, but we bet a few Android devices or even some mobile hotspots wouldn’t look too bad resting between those minimalist racks.

The PowerDock 5 uses Griffin’s ChargeSensor technology for automatically doling out the right amount of power to tablets and smartphones. Making sure each gadget gets the correct amount of juice helps avoid damage to the battery and loss of power capacity. 

Devices connect to the dock via a USB cord, so there’s no surface charging or port docking. Look for the PowerDock 5 this spring. 

Social Media Editor