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Glovys Makes All Touch Screens Glove Friendly

With Glovys, you won't need special gloves to have full access to your touch-screen devices in the cold. The removable touch screen is currently available for the iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6 and 6 Plus, and can be yours for $19 through Kickstarter.

The Glovys was originally designed to permit underwater use, but its creators noticed that it worked quite marvelously with gloves, too. The film cover creates a bridge between the pressure of your finger and your phone's actual screen. The transparent layer is made of two metalized films with laser-etched transparent circuits. The film is treated with a thin layer of ITO (indium tin oxide). The circuit within the film is analogous to resistive touch screens and is very responsive.

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As you press down on Glovys, the two films separated by spacer dots come into contact with one another and create a discharge, activating the screen below. No batteries or calibration are required.

The set up is as simple as align, press and go. Once you align Glovys with your phone's screen, just press down on the four silicone sticky pads on the four corners, and you're all set. The company says the pads are washable and reusable. When the Glovys is not in use, you can attach it to the back of your phone.

Glovys is only available in one color at the moment: light blue. Black and white models may show up later on. Kickstarter contribution levels range from $1 to $3,000, with a minimum of $19 needed to get your own Glovys. The company plans to ship in August 2015.