Get a 2017 MacBook Air for Just $650

The laptop that Steve Jobs once pulled out of a manila office envelope is on life support.

We know it, users know it, and now retailers are demonstrating it by lowering the MacBook Air's price to an all-time low. 

Buy on Best Buy

Best Buy is taking $300 off all configurations of the 2017 MacBook Air. You can get the 128GB model for $699.99, the 256GB model for $899.99, or the 512GB model for $1,249.99.

Even better, if you're a student with a valid .edu address, you can sign up for Best Buy's Student Deals newsletter and get an instant $50 digital coupon, which lowers the cost of the MacBook Airs to $649.99, $849.99, and $1,199.99, respectively.

Those prices are even cheaper than what some retailers are charging for refurb MacBook Air systems.

So your only question is — should I take advantage of this deal? The answer depends on your needs. Rumors indicate that Apple is allegedly working on a new and improved MacBook Air, which could feature a Full HD display, USB Type-C ports, and perhaps even a new keyboard design. This new laptop is expected to debut sometime this year, but it's highly unlikely it'll cost anywhere near $699.

If you're invested in the Apple ecosystem, this could be your only chance to get a super "cheap" Mac laptop. Students in particular can take advantage of its small size and superb 14-hour battery life. It's a solid choice for school, as long as you can tolerate the trade-offs.