Today Only: Get the 2017 iPad for Just $299

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The 2017 iPad has everything you could ever want in a tablet. Sure, it's slightly thicker and a nudge heavier than its predecessor, but it offers one of the best tablet experiences you can possibly have at a new lower price. Today only, B&H Photo Video is lowering that price further to just $299, which is $30 under Apple's price and the best deal we've seen for the new tablet.

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The new iPad doesn't perform any miracles. There are no new features or tricks that you haven't already seen. Instead, Apple has tweaked it so that you get better performance and longer battery life in the same award-winning aluminum body we've all grown to love.

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It features Apple's A9 processor, which is a monster for multitasking. In our tests, we split the iPad's screen among 12 Safari tabs and a streaming 1080p YouTube video and the tablet remained both zippy and responsive. In our battery run-down test, the new iPad lasted a minute under 13 hours. That destroys the 9:41 average for tablets and makes it one of the longest-lasting slates on the market.

If you have an old iPad that struggles with Super Mario Run or want to surprise mom with a new tablet for Mother's Day, today is the day to pick up the new 2017 iPad.

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  • Joe Bean Says:

    All very true. A great tablet for the price.

    Only thing to remember is if you go outside to read, this tablet, unlike the previous and lighter Air 2 or the Ipad Pro, doesn't offer the anti-reflective laminated screen, which is probably a trade off to cut costs that won't matter to some, but can be a deal breaker to others.

    At almost half the price of the Pro one though, it is very difficult to justify buying the Pro version and not wait for something else if the screen is an issue.

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