Get the 13-inch MacBook Air for $799

Apple finally updated its MacBook Air line earlier this month, but if the 13-inch Air's $999 price tag is still out of reach for your budget, there's some hope.

Amazon currently offers the previous-generation 13-inch MacBook Air for $799.99. That's $200 cheaper than the new Air and $10 cheaper than buying a refurb MacBook Air direct from Apple.

Apple has been secretive about the new MacBook Air's hardware, but we do know the entry-level model now houses a 1.8-GHz Broadwell processor. Aside from that, the screen resolution, size, and weight remain the same. By comparison, the previous-generation MacBook Air houses a 1.6-GHz Broadwell CPU in the same chassis as the 2017 Air.

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The jump from 1.6GHz to 1.8GHz will be negligible for most people. For day-to-day use like surfing the Web and writing college papers, the older CPU should provide enough muscle power. 

So if you want the best value you can possibly get and require a Mac laptop, the previous-generation MacBook Air remains Apple's best option, especially priced at $799.99.