Feast Your Eyes on Samsung's Galaxy View 2 Monster Tablet

Samsung is reeling from the Galaxy Fold debacle, but it's also forging ahead with a new big-screen tablet, according to a new report. And it looks like the company is slimming things down.

The folks over at Samsung-tracking site SamMobile have published what appear to be official press renders of the upcoming Galaxy View 2.

The feature that set apart the Galaxy View in the tablet market was its gigantic 18.4-inch screen—nearly six inches larger than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Interestingly, Samsung might decide to reduce the screen's size this time around and switch from the 18.4-inch display to a 17.5-inch alternative, according to the report.

At first blush, there don't appear to be too many differences between the first-generation Galaxy View and the second-generation model. Further inspection, however, reveals that the device might have some tweaks that could make it more appealing than the original.

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Chief among those tweaks is a new hinged stand that will reportedly be more ergonomic. The stand will allow you to place the View 2 at a 30-degree angle, making it easier to find the right angle to allow you to type on the screen. The device can also sit upright for watching videos on the tablet in a comfortable position.

Because of the slightly smaller footprint in the Galaxy View, Samsung will also ditch the handle that came in the first model, which might make it slightly more clumsy to carry around. In its place, Samsung has fashioned a hole in the carrying case that can double as a handle.

According to SamMobile, the version featured in the renders will be locked to AT&T's network. While it's unclear whether other versions will be available on Verizon, T-Mobile, or other networks, it would appear that at least one model will ship with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. SamMobile also suggested that a Wi-Fi-only model is also incoming.

SamMobile didn't have any details on what kind of power we can expect from the Galaxy View 2, but the outlet did point to an earlier report in January that said the device could ship with the Exynos 7885 CPU and 3GB of RAM. And now that we have what look to be official renders, there appears to be a good chance that the Galaxy View 2 could launch sooner rather than later.