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Free iPhone 3GS Available Today at Best Buy

The iPhone 5 is nigh, but that doesn't make a sweet deal on an older-model iPhone model irrelevant, especially when said sweetness bags you an 8GB  iPhone 3GS (in the original black color, metro-minded fashionistas) for the grand ole' price of zilch.

In case you're wondering, the deal requires the familiar AT&T two-year contract. But that's no biggie, right?  

It's more important that the iPhone 3GS will work with the upcoming iOS 5 software update, though not without some caveats. When iOS 5 rolls out this fall, iPhone 3GS owners can take advantage of the updated notification center, Twitter integration, widgets, the new digital Newsstand, and the updated Safari and Camera apps. Here's what 3GS users will be missing (don't worry, it's not much).

iOS 5 on the iPhone 3GS will lack some camera editing features, namely red eye removal, cropping, and use of the magic wand. During early explorations of iOS 5, one lucky software tester with an iPhone 3GS also noticed that Safari lacked tabbed browsing support. So far, those are the only updates left unsupported by the iPhone 3GS. Not a bad deal for a free iPhone, right?

Take advantage of this one-day offer at any local Best Buy or the Best Buy website. Move fast though; we saw a line outside of our local yellow and blue store this morning.