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Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 Ready for Test Drive

 Bummed that you missed the first batch of phones with Firefox OS? The folks at Mozilla have been kind enough to release a simulator to tied us over until more devices are available. The recently finalized Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 enables developers to test apps on the new operating system via their Mac, Windows or Linux computers.

According to the Mozilla Hacks Blog, the newly finished add-on fixes some general bugs and  boasts faster start times. Notable features include rotating display support, keyboard shortcuts to increase workload speed and a mock geolocation API to test out location apps. But using a mobile phone OS on a notebook isn't much fun, so the simulator has the ability to send in-progress apps over to connected test devices.

Mozilla's also managed to shrink the size of the download to between 50-70 MB. However the site warns that the download may "take so long that Firefox's Unresponsive Script dialog" may appear. If it does, be sure to hit the continue button and the add-on will eventually install.

Via Mozilla Hacks Blog